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Helping You Start the Conversation

If you want to talk with your health provider about pursuing remission, our PDF letter can help shape the discussion.

The letter describes how recent research breakthroughs have changed our understanding of type 2 diabetes, that it does not have to be a chronic and progressive condition. Contrary to conventional beliefs, new studies reveal that  remission is attainable through targeted lifestyle and nutritional interventions. In 2022, Diabetes Canada even integrated a chapter dedicated to type 2 diabetes remission into its clinical practice guidelines.

Type 2 diabetes remission means achieving a glycated hemoglobin (HbA1C) threshold of less than 5.7% without the use of any glucose-lowering medications for at least three months. A growing number of studies are showing this can be achieved by changing how and what you eat. Promising findings from a number of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) demonstrate the potential for patients to reduce their blood glucose and eliminate medications, resulting in improved health and significant cost savings.

These groundbreaking discoveries offer renewed hope to individuals living with type 2 diabetes and challenge the perception of this condition as inevitably chronic and progressive. The studies emphasize the role of specific dietary and lifestyle modifications in controlling blood glucose levels. However, if you are currently on any medications for diabetes these will have to be closely monitored or discontinued. That is why you need to work with your health provider.

The letter helps encourage healthcare professionals to further explore therapeutic nutrition approaches for metabolically based chronic conditions, undergo training and certification, and collaborate with other practitioners experienced in this field to foster local communities of practice.

Together, we can change the narrative surrounding chronic diseases and empower patients on their journey to type 2 diabetes remission.

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